Opening to the Possibilities

Heart Based Meditation

Everyone can meditate! 

Practicing Heart-based Meditation is an easy and effective way to positively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Learn this transformative practice and experience the changes for yourself. 

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Integrative Counseling

Integrative Counseling is learning how to deepen your awareness and understanding of yourself. It's learning tools to help you grow, let go of all patterns that are no longer serving you, and open to the best version of yourself possible.

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Committed to helping you create sustainable change


Hello, and welcome to Awakening Ayurveda! 

 My intention is to awaken you to the possibilities of reinventing your experience of health and happiness. 

You do not have to stay stuck where you do not want to be.

From personal experience, I know how much easier this is said than done. 

My own journey to wellness has led me to become a Holistic Health Coach, utilizing my training  in Biodynamic Craniosacral TherapyAyurveda, Heart Based Meditation, Integrative Counseling, and Yoga&Pilates to help others find balance in all aspects of life.  

I am a guide for those seeking a holistic approach to health- one that addresses Mind, Body, and Soul. 

Many of my clients are women who have spent most of their lives taking care of others and are ready to finally focus on themselves. 

These women are tired of feeling like they are stuck in an unhealthy place. 

My clients want to understand how they can create health for themselves and  finally have the time, energy, and commitment to focus on doing just that.

I'm often able to help by treating the whole system, not just the one particular symptomatic issue. 

Sometimes  just a few tweaks can create the change people have been wanting for years.  

For example, Karen came to see me primarily complaining of generalized joint and muscle pain, trouble falling asleep, and difficulty with digestion.  As a result of our work together, she has far less joint and muscle pain, falls asleep easily,  is eliminating on a daily basis, and has had the added bonus of losing weight and experiencing a significant decrease in anxiety. Read Karen's Full Story 

I believe in what I do not only because I consistently see my clients experience life altering change, but also because of how Craniosacral Therapy, Ayurveda and Meditation healed me.    I spent years dealing with allergies and migraines as well as ever present anxiety and depression. I tried medication for all three ailments, and while all three admittedly got a little better, nothing completely resolved the issues.  The worst was the anxiety.  No matter what pills I took, I always knew the depression was waiting to take over. When I found Craniosacral, Ayurvedam, and Meditation... my world changed. Learning how to listen to my body and know how to prevent the allergies and migraines from arising was revolutionary.  Meditation and Integrative Counseling has changed how I respond to...well... everything!  I am now able to face experiences  with grace and ease that would have previously sent me into darkness. 

If you are ready to learn more about yourself, to let go of pain, to embrace life with joy, and to see what a holistic approach to health can do for you, please email me to set up your initial consult.  I look forward to working with you!



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