Learn how to hear the still voice within

Chakra Seminar 3 Part Series

During this educational and healing three class series we will take a deep dive into each of the chakras, as well as experience a healing meditation for each of the lower chakras (1-4) where most imbalances originate.

We will cover:

What is each Chakra responsible for?

What are the symptoms and how do we correct a Chakra imbalance?

What specific experiences can impact the health of the Chakra at its stage of development?

Schedule: FALL 2020 exact dates TBD

Chakras 1 and 2 - 

Chakras 3 and 4 - 

Chakras 5,6,7 - 

You may sign up for all three sessions or pick one or two that most interest you. You *must* pre-register in order to attend this class.


Investment: Each class is $30 to be paid in cash or check.

Email Sarah to ask questions or register