Learn how to hear the still voice within

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

I was introduced to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) in 2015 through a friend who randomly came up to me one day and suggested I check it out. I'm always curious about different methods of healing, so I thought "Why not?" and made an appointment. Thus began my immediate love affair with this particular form of touch therapy. I credit that particular craniosacral therapist with being an integral part of the team of healers who helped me finally let go of the pain and trauma I had been carrying with me for years.

I am so excited to finally be a practitioner of this beautiful form of therapy!

What to expect

BCST is a non invasive, non manipulative, and painless form of hands on treatment for pain and dysfunction in the body.  You will lay down on a massage table fully clothed and I will apply a light, still, touch to influence your central nervous system and cerebral spinal fluid. It is highly likely you will fall asleep or feel profoundly relaxed during the session. BCST gently encourages the nervous system to let go of stress and dysfunctional patterns, as well as restores the natural flow and a state of ease to your entire body. 

Here is a fabulous article that gives a beautiful overview of this method of treatment

Why would you chose to see what BCST can do for you?

Chronic pain
Fascial adhesions
Multiple sclerosis
Neurodegenerative diseases

Sleep difficulties


How do I schedule a session?

Please email me  to ask any questions or to schedule your BCST session. 

Initial Session:

During your first session we will talk about what's bringing you in and go over your medical history in detail before beginning the treatment. 75 minutes $75

Returning Client Sessions 45 minutes $55