Reinvention is Possible

Learning to Love What You Hate

You have the power to change how you react to a diagnosis you hate.

Only YOU can CHOOSE to see how everything in life happens FOR us, not TO us.

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Learning to Love Diabetes

I make it sound so simple in the video above, don't I? 

Like all you have to do is click your heels three times (Mindfulness, Ownership, and Meditation) and all of a sudden you'll be loving that you're Diabetic.

And who knows...

You *may* be someone who learns mindfulness practices and quickly and easily integrates them into how you handle this diagnosis as well as other stressful situations.

You *may* know exactly what you need to do in order to be successful, and have a realistic set of expectations for how long it's going to take you to learn how to incorporate all the new dietary and exercise regulations.  Maybe you even already have an excellent support system in place!

You *may* be one of those people who has no problem integrating 20 minutes of meditation, two times a day, into your daily life.

But step back for a moment and honestly think about it. 

If it were that easy to do it by yourself, wouldn't you have already done it by now?  

Wouldn't you easily and effortlessly be living with Diabetes?

Why would you even be looking at this webpage!?

The fact is- it's not easy. 

Change... true, sustainable, authentic change... is never easy. 

It's work!  

Maybe it's work you want to do, maybe it's something you can't wait to do... but that doesn't lessen the amount of effort it takes. 

And if you hate Diabetes with every fiber of your being? 

Adjusting to all the new rules and guidelines can be tremendously difficult.

So this is where I come in. 

To help you incorporate Mindfulness, Ownership, and Meditation into your life. 

To help you figure out what goals are actually realistic, and on what timeline. 

To teach you an effortless form of meditation and help you figure out the best ways to work it into your schedule.

To provide you with nonjudgmental encouragement as you work towards learning to understand how the diagnosis of Diabetes is here to serve you. 

I am here to help you realize that you and your body are not fundamentally broken, but simply a wise system that has a communication problem. 

If you try to treat Diabetes as just a broken body- it doesn't work. 

I'm here to be the translator for as long as it takes for you to learn how to work with your body, instead of abandoning it. 

If the idea of being able to love this diagnosis and truly love yourself again is something that appeals to you, please email me to set up your initial consultation.