Opening to the Possibilities

 ~ Karen's Story

~ Karen's Story ~

The value I received from our work together is immeasurable in the way it has improved my energy and outlook on life. I was experiencing difficulties sleeping, had itchy dry skin and problems with heartburn and elimination. This had left me exhausted and not enjoying life the way I used to.

At the first Ayurvedic consultation with Sarah, I was amazed that she intuitively knew the problems I was experiencing. The small changes we made to my diet and routine have had mighty powerful results! In fact, the very first day heartburn ended! The sleep preparation routines have all contributed to consistent full nights of restful sleep, and I awake rested and ready to for the day! As a side benefit I've lost eight pounds without making any other dietary changes.

Despite these changes, I was still experiencing extreme fatigue in the afternoon. In April I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease called Myasthenia Gravis. This explained why I'd feel tired despite a good night's sleep.I started taking medication to help but it created gastric upset. Sure enough, Ayurveda has a recipe to help, and with a few small tweaks I no longer have an upset tummy.

In May, Sarah offered a Heart Based Meditation workshop. I was having trouble accepting the MG diagnosis. I was worried and upset about it. I had been intrigued by the idea of meditation but could never "empty my mind of all thoughts". Sarah explained the method to the group of three women and we practiced and discussed problems that might occur. I've become a believer! I've recommended heart based meditation for several other friends. I use the Insight Timer app and I've now meditated for 95 days! The insight and serenity I gained is invaluable.

Between Ayurveda and meditation I feel like I've gotten my real life back. I have energy and when my energy wanes I accept that it's time to rest.

**Update: Karen learned meditation in May of 2017... As of October 2017 she is still going strong!**