Learn how to hear the still voice within

Heart Based Meditation & Integrative Counseling

Learn How to Meditate

Heart-Based Meditation

Easy, Effortless, and Effective for Everyone

Heart Based Meditation is a simple technique that allows you to return to peace with ease, while offering countless benefits that are deeply transformational and life-changing, including:

~ Reduction of stress and anxiety            ~ Improved mental clarity and memory            ~ Better sleep and improved energy

~ Fewer emotional triggers            ~ More harmonious relationships

There are many types of meditation, all with valid benefits and purpose. Heart Based Meditation is a technique that works in harmony with the nature of your mind to make meditation easy and effortless.  Forget your preconceived notions at the door- you do not have to empty your mind of thoughts or sit perfectly upright and perfectly still for hours at a time in order to meditate effectively! Regardless of whether you are looking to add another type of meditation to your practice, have struggled with meditation in the past, or have never meditated before, I am here to help you discover a frustration-free practice, as you let go of all the “doing” and “trying” and release the demands of everyday life.


Three Ways to Learn

Choose what's right for you

Instruction is offered in three different ways

Individual Instruction

Individual instruction can be included as part of your pilates, yoga, or integrative counseling sessions.  

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Group Instruction

I offer group instruction regularly;  Click here to see when the next online training is, along with my other online offerings. 

Once social distancing is no longer required, I will return to offering group instruction at yoga studios and other businesses that are looking to offer meditation training at their facility.  Often I am contacted by Wellness Coordinators looking to provide this benefit to their employees.  Please email me if you are interested in setting this up for your business. 

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Intensives take meditation training to a deeper level and help you have greater success with consistency from the very beginning.  

A typical schedule:

Friday pm: Initial Instruction and Meditation

Saturday all day: Secondary Instruction, discussion of experiences, yoga,  four group meditations, lunch included

Sunday am: Techniques for enhancing meditation, group meditation

Cost determined on a case by case basis

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Please call or email to set up your Meditation Instruction

Email to set up your Meditation Instruction

You are welcome to join the Heart Based Meditation Meetup Group located in Greenville SC after you have learned this technique. 

We meet up to four times a month. Sessions always begin with a group meditation, followed by a Q&A session and a workshop on various topics. *****These sessions are on hold until further notice, but they will return!*****


Learn How to Meditate

Integrative Counseling

There was a time in my life that I had no idea what meditation was, or that there was an alternative to traditional talk therapy. I had never heard of advancing consciousness, had only a vague idea of what intuition was, and had never considered I might be more than my physical body. What I *did* know was that I was suffering a tremendous amount of emotional pain- the kind that I didn't think I would ever truly get over. The idea that I could actually look forward to something, without having an ounce of fear or imagining the worst case scenario, was foreign. I didn't want to have children because I was petrified I would inflict emotional pain upon them, as was done to me. And forget about looking back into my past to try to heal anything- it was simply too painful, and nothing seemed to make it any better. 

When I found Ayurveda, I also found Meditation and Integrative Counseling. 

I experienced how quickly meditation began to change my brain. 

I discovered that just a few months of this different form of Counseling healed what years upon years of talk therapy and antidepressants couldn't. 

And I realized that supporting others while they journey from the depths of unawareness to the awakening of consciousness is my true calling.


So what exactly is Integrative Counseling?

I won't tell you what to do. I don't have a crystal ball to give you all the answers. If you want someone to do the work for you, you've come to the wrong place.  That said-

I will support you as you investigate what it means to awaken to your truest self. 

I will take you through guided meditations that will heal emotional and energetic blocks that stand between you and your fullest potential. 

I will help you learn how to connect to the innate wisdom that exists within you, so that you may discover what foods, supplements, physical activity, and other choices will lead you to the whole health you seek.

My job is to help fix the broken communication lines between you and your best self. 

To help you unplug your ears so you can hear your own truth. 

To teach you how to tap into your intuition so you can live a life full of ease and grace, free from suffering and doubt. 

This sounds interesting, but I'm not sure...

If you are still wondering what all that means and are intrigued, please email me to set up a 15 minute phone call so we can discuss if moving on to an initial consultation is right for you.  It is especially important with this type of work that we make sure we are a good fit, so if we decide to move on after our quick chat, we will schedule an hour long free initial conversation to discuss why you want to do this work and what you hope to get out of it. At that time I can also give you contact info for past Integrative Counseling clients so you can hear from them what sort of change our sessions have brought in their lives.  After we have established that working together is in your best interest, we will create a mentoring package that is appropriate for you and your goals. This can be anywhere from three months to six months or more of continued care.

All meetings can be done either in person or via Skype or Facetime, so please don't let your location stop you from reaching out.

I look forward to hearing about your journey,