Learn how to hear the still voice within

Group Training For Heart Based Meditation


Practicing Heart-based Meditation is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can positively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This is a simple technique that allows you to return to peace with ease, while offering countless benefits that are deeply transformational and life-changing, including:

~ Reduction of stress and anxiety

~ Improved mental clarity and memory

~ Better sleep and improved energy

~ Fewer emotional triggers

~ More harmonious relationships

There are many types of meditation, all with valid benefits and purpose. Heart Based Meditation is a technique that works in harmony with the nature of your mind to make meditation easy and effortless. Forget your preconceived notions at the door- you do not have to empty your mind of thoughts or sit perfectly upright and perfectly still for hours at a time in order to meditate effectively! Regardless of whether you are looking to add another type of meditation to your practice, have struggled with meditation in the past, or have never meditated before, I am here to help you discover a frustration-free practice, as you let go of all the “doing” and “trying” and release the demands of everyday life.

You do not need any previous meditation experience in order to learn this form of meditation. The training takes four days, spread out over approximately a month.

It is extremely important that you attend Classes 1 and 2 one week apart. It is highly encouraged that you continue on immediately with Classes 3 and 4, however if you are unable to attend them right away, you do have the option to take them at a later date. This should be avoided if at all possible, however, and please let me know if this is the path you think you will need to take.

Class 1 covers the Why and How of Heart Based Meditation.

Class 2 will give you a refinement to the practice and cover Experiences in and out of Meditation.

Class 3 will go over how consciousness works, and give you additional integration and enhancement techniques.

Class 4 will give you a vision of the possibilities of systemic life change you can expect with continued and consistent meditation.

This training is offered on a donation basis. The suggested donation is $100, however please do not let your finances prevent you from learning this transformative practice- any amount is appreciated.

See the next dates and register by going HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Deepening Your Practice

Next Steps...

Too often people go to a meditation workshop and then leave thinking they should now be set for life with their meditation practice.  This is not the case!  Meditation is something that changes over time- our experiences while meditating can be wildly different even on the same day, let alone from month to month!  There are also so many ways to develop and deepen your practice, as well as ease any discomfort or disturbances you may experience along the way. 

This is why I periodically offer the Deepening Your Practice class.  It is geared towards anyone who has fallen off track and needs some reminders of the basics, or is looking to enhance the process and take the power of their meditation to the next level.  It is appropriate for anyone who has taken all four days of the Heart Based Meditation Training. 

During the session, we will do a quick review of everything you learned during the four class initial training, including, but not limited to: 

- The How of Heart Based Meditation

- Experiences you may expect in and out of Meditation

- The Heart Centering Technique

We will then go on to cover:

- Two different breathing techniques to enhance Meditation

- A calming visualization to aid in settling prior to Meditation

- Pointers on how to assure the fastest development and growth towards your full potential

While it is entirely ok to learn meditation and then never revisit that learning, you will find so much more depth to your practice and to speed to your growth if you return periodically to ask questions, listen to others talk about their experiences, and learn how you may be able to refine your practice so that you get the most out of it. 

See the next dates and register by going HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions.