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Yoga & Pilates

Don't Abandon Your Body

Yoga & Pilates

Don't Abandon Your Body

Movement modalities are brilliant pathways to reconnecting mind and body, which in turn creates an opening to spirit.  Too often we get frustrated with our bodies, and instead of embracing what we are still capable of, we focus only on what we used to be able to do. I have seen over and over again that Pilates and Yoga can be a wonderful conduit for both physical and mental change and I enjoy encouraging my clients to find the mind/body connection while setting and reaching their fitness goals. I have a strong focus on proper form with an emphasis in functionality. A common “complaint” from clients is that they hear my voice when raking, shoveling, or even carrying groceries- reminding them to engage their shoulder girdle and core properly so as to prevent injury. When appropriate, I incorporate both Yoga and Pilates into my Ayurvedic consults, as well as into advanced meditation trainings. 

STOTT Pilates

Pilates, pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, is a mind body exercise system designed to strengthen the weak and challenge the strong. This effective workout focuses on strengthening and lengthening all of the major muscle groups with an emphasis on the core. Pilates workouts are suitable for all levels of fitness, from post rehab to elite athlete. Doing Pilates regularly and properly can help prevent injury, heighten body awareness, and increase athletic performance as well as increase strength, balance, and flexibility.

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Kripalu Yoga

For Your Body...

• Stretch and tone muscles

• Release chronic tension

• De-stress and refresh

For Your Mind...

• Calm restless thoughts

• Cultivate concentration

• Support mental clarity and confidence

For your Spirit...

• Encourage self-acceptance

• Honor inner wisdom

• Invite deep peace

Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare you for yoga postures. The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation. Class levels can range from gentle to vigorous. It is important to remember that this is a compassionate practice which reminds us to listen to what our bodies are saying. Discover the difference between pushing past a challenge and pushing into injury. 

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I started the pilates class based on the need for core strengthening as I have two pinched discs. My doctor actually recommended it.  I could not be happier with how my back feels now. I am golfing 4 times a week with no issues and will continue to do pilates 2X a week to keep my core strong. Sarah you are amazing. Thank you so very much!

Donna, 60

Pilates has given me a stronger core, increased strength all over, and better balance. As a result, I've been able to brace myself, almost instinctually, at times when I would have hurt myself in the past (slipping on ice, lifting a heavy box, missing a step on the stairway)! 

Linda, 61

I'm a reluctant senior citizen with attitude and a desire to maintain a healthy mind and body. Sarah provides the full package in one stop! The Pilates and CORE classes have given me a new joyful way to achieve fitness. And Sarah is upbeat, supportive and truly expert in her field. Bravo and thanks!

Kathy, 66

Sarah does a great yoga class! She is able to be flexible and customize it to how the attendees are feeling that particular day and what body parts needs attention. Although you will be challenged, she won’t make you feel like you are in over your head- unless inversion is what you are going for!


I love Sarah's yoga instruction! Her style is safe and gentle, while still offering the level of challenge that you want and are ready for. I appreciate how clear her directions are, especially when she "workshops" a pose. Afterward, I feel confident that I am doing it right! She is exceptionally compassionate. She embraces the whole class and works with you "in the moment". I have learned more from her than from any previous yoga instructor and cannot recommend her highly enough!


As a complete newbie, Sarah welcomed, supported and gently led me to a wonderful understanding and appreciation of Yoga. Her classes are a perfect mix of movement, breathing and inspiration with a dash of cheerfulness and wonder. Sarah hooked this newbie on yoga for life!